Welcome to my website!

I am an Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Resource Management at California State University Channel Islands.

Here you can find some highlights of my research, teaching, and mentorship, as well as a little bit about my background and my up-to-date contact information.

Why Science?
I’ve been passionate about science since I was 3 years old. According to my mom, I told her that I wanted to walk on the rings of Saturn, but to not worry because I’d bring my car-seat to be safe. Although I now realize that walking on the rings of Saturn is not particularly feasible, my passion for scientific discovery and exploration has not abated. Ultimately, my interests fell less with what is happening on other planets, and more with understanding the physical processes that govern our own – Earth.

My current research focuses on the ecohydrology of riparian areas, particularly those that have been impacted by beaver damming. I use a combination of remote sensing, modeling, and field to work understand how beaver damming changes these landscapes and on what timescales those changes operate. I also have an interest in geoscience education research, particularly curriculum development.

When I’m not doing research or teaching, I enjoy hiking, running, yoga, camping, and playing board games and video games.