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The Tale of Sir Dayta Simmilatio: An Educational Choose-Your Own Adventure Story

The Tale of Sir Dayta Simmilatio

This choose-your-own adventure story, The Tale of Sir Dayta Simmilatio, is designed to introduce the concept of Ensemble Kalman Filter (EnKF) data assimilation in a fun, non-technical manner. It was written by me (Emily Fairfax), and illustrated by my brother, Shepard Fairfax. It can be printed out or run as a powerpoint.

The Tale of Sir Dayta Simmilatio

Our hero, Sir Dayta Simmilatio, embarks on a journey to protect the town of Cobble from the wicked snow beast Swee. He is given advice and help by several others along the way – but who can he trust?

If you would like a version with higher resolution images for projecting on a large screen, just send me a note on my “contact me” page.